Friday, April 6, 2007

Check it out on DVD

I like watching documentaries, but sometimes I have more sympathy for the subject than I have admiration for the filmmaker's craft. With Who Killed the Electric Car?, it was actually the opposite.
Being a renter who rarely has a garage, a car you have to plug into an electrical outlet rarely fits my lifestyle; I figured the enthusiasm for the car just faded away over time, but that isn't the case, most especially with General Motors EV-1, the all-electric vehicle that is the main subject of this film. All sides get to tell their stories, and the conclusion drawn by the filmmakers is hard to dispute.
Like any good documentary, you find yourself rooting for some character or characters in particular; though the film is full of actors who were customers and boosters of the EV-1, including Alexandra Paul, Peter Horton, Tom Hanks and an only slightly crazy looking Mel Gibson [who knew?], the stars of the show are Iris and Stanford Ovshinsky, a husband and wife team of inventors involved in battery and solar technology. You'll be happy when they come on camera.
Matty Boy says check it out. (Now available for sale or rent.)

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