Thursday, April 5, 2007

Friday "Random" 10

How am I possibly going to continue on the post a day pace I have arbitrarily set for myself here at Lotsa 'Splainin'? Clearly, plagiarism will be involved. And as such, I will lift a popular concept from my good friend Padre Mickey, wherein I will set my iTunes to shuffle and list the first ten songs than come up. (The quotation marks around Random will be explained at the end of the post.)
WARNING: My Random 10 will not be as cool as Padre Mickey's because I am not as cool. Many people will look at my Random 10 lists and say, "I know all those songs". To this I can only say... sue me.

1. Djore Dos Women's Choir of Bulgaria
2. All This Useless Beauty Elvis Costello and the Attractions
3. Past Three O'Clock The Chieftains
4. Stand by Me Ben E. King
5. Sing it Way Down Low Hoagy Carmichael and his Orchestra
6. Singin' the Blues Dave Edmunds
7. Let's Call the Whole Thing Off Fred Astaire
8. Things We Said Today The Beatles
9. Fish and Bird Tom Waits
10. Little Red Corvette Prince

As will often happen, I got two Elvis Costello picks and two Tom Waits picks and only put one each on the list. Even less random, I decided to replace the Elvis song with All This Useless Beauty because of this lyric:

Good Friday arrived, the sky opened on time,
'Til he almost began to negotiate.
She held his head like a baby and said
"It's okay if you cry."
Now he wants her to dress, as if you couldn't guess,
He desires her to impress his associates.
But he's part ugly beast and Hellenic deceased,
So she finds that the mixture is hard to deny.
What shall we do, what shall we do with
All this useless beauty?
All this useless beauty.
Have a great Good Friday, not a Long Good Friday, which only spells trouble, as Bob Hoskins or Helen Mirren will readily tell you.
(Fun fact to know and tell about The Long Good Friday: At the end of the movie, Hoskins gets in a car and is threatened by a man with a gun who has no lines. The gunman is... Pierce Brosnan.)


Padre Mickey said...

Little Red Corvette is the best produced songin the history of recording. Every second is a delight.

Matty Boy said...

I heard Little Red Corvette over the P.A. at a deli last weekend, which sent all the folks I was having lunch with in to a reverie of reminiscing about Prince.

What I remember is a little thing we used to call albums; you could set a side of an album to play over and over again, and Side One of this album was 1999, Little Red Corvette and Delirious. Maybe the greatest side of an album ever.

Also in the running for one of the greatest double albums ever.