Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday's "Random 10"

Well, since it's the Friday Random 10, let's see how much progress the chimps are making towards writing Romeo and Juliet.
What do you have for me, Bobo? Troilus and Cressida? BAD BOBO! BAD! No banana for you!
We again have the quotes around random and around 10, for reasons explained after the list.

1. Viking Los Lobos
2. I Knew The Bride Dave Edmunds
3. Anna The Beatles
4. Isn’t It a Lovely Day Fred Astaire
5. Teardrop Sea Tonette
6. Too Experienced The Bodysnatchers
7. Novacane Beck
8. Cheese and Onions The Rutles
9. Love Is Here And Now You’re Gone Diana Ross & The Supremes
10. I’d Rather Go Blind Etta James
and a bonus track
11. Chi Vuol La Zingarella Cecilia Bartoli
Quotes around the 10 because of the bonus track, wherein the lovely Cecilia gives me some street cred with the "Is this list really eclectic?" crowd. All the rest of the music is 20th Century pop.
Quotes around the "random" because I had 2 Beatles songs and picked only one, and I had a Fred Astaire song from last week that came up again, so when I went to the next song, it was another Fred Astaire song. Go figure.
This week's highlights. Viking is a great piece of audio rage, with the sound of amplifiers turned up way too high; terrific bass, guitar and drum sound. Also a Beatles-Rutles Daily Double, which is very cool for random, and three '60s girl soul songs from three different labels, Motown, Stax/Volt and Chess. (And Miss Ross goes "Unh!" Bonus points for that.)
The most obscure song on the list is Too Experienced, an '80s ska song from an all girl group The Bodysnatchers. Feminism with a beat you can dance to; let's everybody get on the floor!
Too experienced... to be taken for a stroll,
Too experienced... to let someone take my soul,
Too experienced... to be taken for a ride,
I swallowed up my foolish pride.

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