Saturday, April 21, 2007

Have you seen Miller's Crossing?

You might think, "Oh, boy! A gangster movie! I've never seen a good gangster movie!" Of course you've seen good gangster movies. But this is another good gangster movie. It's one of the earliest Coen Brothers films, right after Blood Simple, if I recall correctly, and it isn't as well known as Raising Arizona or O Brother Where Art Thou?, but it's very good. Gabriel Byrne does a terrific job as the brains of the outfit, Albert Finney is great as the big boss, and several Coen Brothers regulars, like Jon Polito and Steve Buscemi and John Turturro, turn in excellent performances. If you watch the DVD and check out the extra features, you'll see that Finney not only played one of the main characters, he also has a cameo role as well.
If you are squeamish about violence, well... it IS a gangster movie. There is violence, but most of it is very stylized. The location is never mentioned in the film, but it was shot in New Orleans, which lends itself perfectly to the period piece look.
Matty Boy says check it out.

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