Monday, April 16, 2007

Pillar #1: Pretty Girls (and a new Smirking Chimp post)

In general, the population of blondes on my personal Pretty Girls list is a little sparse. It's not like I think "Ewww, ick, a blonde!", but a lot of women who really catch my attention are redheads or brunettes.

But then there's Catherine Deneuve. I mean, c,mon! There was a movie called The Hunger, an '80s vampire flick famed for a lesbian scene between Ms. Deneuve and Susan Sarandon. Asked by an interviewer about whether this made Ms. Sarandon uncomfortable, she replied that whatever your sexual orientation is going into a situation, if Catherine Deneuve wants to go to bed with you, your answer is pretty much going to be yes.

Not that I have first hand experience, but that does seem an accurate assessment to me.

Oh, yeah, I put a new post up on the Smirking Chimp to the effect that the start of civility is not wishing each other dead. Radical concept, I know, but I just want to put it forward as an idea. Here's the link.

Just a clarification for the young people: Despite the juxtaposition of the headlines and the photo, Ms. Deneuve was never romantically linked to either Broadway Joe Namath or Richard Nixon.

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