Thursday, April 5, 2007

Pillar # 3: Dogs

Princess Sparkle Pony, successful blogger, informs me that cats, not dogs, are actually the third pillar of successful blogging.

Far be it from me to argue with Princess Sparkle Pony, whose blog I link to in my blog buddies section, so I will yield the rest of my time, Mr. Speaker, to da cute liddle puppy-wuppy on the left.

Yes, you're a good dog! Oh, you're so cute. Yes, you are... yes, you are... yes, you are...

I'm sorry; I digress.

Also, no war with Iran, at least this week. Yay!

(Sickly sweet photo pirated from the Cute Overload website, of course)


deebhoo said...

How did the cute overload website get a photo of Ollie?

Matty Boy said...

It does look like Ollie, but I think that is just a coincidence, since over 70% of cute dogs look like Ollie.

Padre Mickey said...

I think that's one of those model dogs you're always warning me about.

Taking the food out of the mouth of honest, God-fearing Estadounidense perros.

Quite cute, though.