Friday, April 13, 2007

Tag, I'm It!

This is being posted because of the silly game of "internet tag" that Padre Mickey got me caught up in. I'm supposed to say six weird things about me and tag six more people, so here goes.

1. I already admitted to daydreaming about driving Frederic Chopin around on the freeway, but then again Padre Mickey “admitted” to posing toys, statues and action figures, then taking their pictures and writing dialog for them. Like we didn’t know that.

2. I wrote new lyrics to the song “Mona Lisa” for Tovah Feldshuh. Full lyrics listed in the comments section.

3. There’s the whole Ursula Plassnik thing; go the Princess Sparkle Pony’s blog for further details.

4. I met five of my closest friends online or through personal ads in newspapers or on radio, including Padre Mickey.

5. I was registered as a Libertarian back in the 1970’s; I like to say I was a Libertarian until I actually met some of them. There’s a reason why their platform is so popular and they can’t get people elected dogcatcher outside of Alaska.

6. I liked Mystery Men. Yes, I’m the one. Matty Boy says check it out.

I tag TaraGirl, Princess Sparkle Pony, JoshSonOfMichael, blog/radio star Dave Johnson, Amelia Rosner and Adam Levy.

My work here is done.


Matty Boy said...

The promised lyrics:

Tovah Feldshuh, Tovah Feldshuh, men have named you,
You're the actress with the very Jewish name.
Many agents when you started tried to change you,
But you stuck with Tovah Feldshuh all the same.

You're so good on Law and Order, Tovah Feldshuh,
And on Broadway you have played Golda Meir.
Many roles, as we know, you don't read for...
You're not Swedish... You don't need thish...
But you're still-a handsome woman, Tovah Feldshuh,
And I like that thing that you did with your hair.

Tovah Feldshuh... To-vah Feld-SHUH!!!!!!!

Tara Mobley said...

You're not the only one who liked Mystery Men. It's a fun, quotable movie, and I own a copy.