Monday, May 28, 2007

A Brief History of Gigantic Child Brides

You might think, Matty Boy! It's Memorial Day! Honor the fallen dead!

Go soak your head, says I. Memorial Day is May 31, not the last Monday in May. And besides, it's been
done to death.

Instead, I give you older men with their taller, younger wives. To be fair, most of these guys are much taller when they stand on their money. Also, as a group, gigantic child brides are very loyal. They married for money and earned every penny. (To be fair, I think Sophia really did love Carlo, but that's just what it looks like to me.)

Photos identified in the comments section.

If you really like gigantic child brides, there's even more! Just click on the "gigantic child brides" label at the bottom of this post.

I have to say that before I saw this photo, I had no idea that Ari and Jackie invited The King Of The Hawkmen from Flash Gordon to their wedding. I hope he brought a nice present.


Fran said...

Oh it makes me wish I were taller and younger and my husband shorter and older!

Brilliant way to celebrate the last Monday in May!!

Off to a big gay pool party. Thank God for my not too tall but taller than me same aged open minded husband!

Matty Boy said...

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Homonculus Aristotle Onassis and Jackie.

Goddess Who Walks The Earth Sophia Loren and her tiny yet perfectly formed husband, Carlo Ponti.

Serial gigantic crade robber Dudley Moore and one of his colossal wives, this one named Rothschild.

Dennis Kucinich and Miss Elizabeth. He's gotta be standing on a box.

And Anna Nicole Smith and that rich old geezer she married. FOR LOVE!!! NOT FOR MONEY!!!!

katty said...

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