Tuesday, May 8, 2007

BuzzFeed and That Girl: a blogging experiment

The flags above are China, Egypt, France and Georgia (not the one famous for peaches.) The graph shows how many people usually look at my blog in a day (less than 100) and what happened over the weekend. The redhead smiling out at you is the reason for this massive spike.

There's a website called BuzzFeed. They said that they were getting a lot of hits dealing with Elizabeth Kucinich, the gigantic child bride of small but perfectly formed Dennis Kucinich. I had made a post about Elizabeth and Dennis and submitted it to BuzzFeed. I got massive numbers of hits, but almost all of them to that one page, not to my main page. So many are the countries that hit my website that I am going to spread the resulting Flags of Many Lands™ over several days.

This is my experiment. I am not going to tell BuzzFeed about this new post. I am not going to label the post Elizabeth Kucinich, merely the generic Pretty Girls. (Sentence in italics no longer operative. As of 19.5.07, she has her own category.) Of course, her name is in the text here, so search engines should be able to find it if they are looking for it, but I'm not going to give it the extra boost. I'll check to see if this has any noticeable effect.

Note: This is not going to become a website devoted to the lovely Ms. Kucinich. I already know the cautionary tale of Princess Sparkle Pony and Ursula Plassnik, and the same fate will not befall me.


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Padre Mickey said...

So, they weren't all coming here to read about sloths? Dang!