Saturday, May 12, 2007

Casual Day on the Death Star (and Flags of many lands™)

Let's hear it for South Africa!

I'll Take Sweden!

Switzerland Uber Alles! (No, that can't be right.)

I found this picture on the website Wonkette and felt that I had to share it with my much smaller audience. This is a photo of Dick Cheney addressing an audience in Iraq on his recent visit. He's wearing a sport coat and slacks instead of a suit, so obviously he isn't really evil. But you do have to wonder about the all encompassing darkness that waits just beyond the bright lights, and the shadows on the makeshift shroud that looms above him and his enthralled audience do look something like the spirits of the unquiet dead.

But what really makes this worth sharing is that this is an official photo found on The White House website. This isn't the work of some evil minion of the left-wing press that Hates America, but an official shutterbug names David Bohrer took this snapshot of the Dark Side and some other unnamed functionary decided that it was exactly the image they wanted to show of Dick Cheney hard at work, doing the people's business.

I started browsing around the website and OMG! It's a fracking treasure trove of creepy. Someone should tell these people that their photographers are not their friends. I am going to make a new category called It's Official™, made exclusively from photos taken from this site. Some of them are too good to be true, or as Princess Sparkle Pony would put it, Unbelievably Not Photoshopped. Enjoy!

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