Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Put On Pants For This?

For a lot of reasons, I don't go to the movie theaters as often as I used to. But it was my friend's birthday on Sunday, so I invited the gang to see Shrek the Third and then go get a burrito for lunch afterwards.

The burrito was pretty good and I was glad to see everybody. The movie stunk.

Shrek the Third is the most popular movie in America. It took the mantle away from Spider-Man 3. Both films have had weak critical reviews. I haven't seen the new Spider-Man and I have little interest in it. If I see it at all, it will be on Netflix.

The inflation rate at the ticket counter is disgusting. It's like buying gas, when you are happy for a week when prices at the pump don't go up. Sure, you are still being gouged, but it the same rate of gouging as last week, so thank your lucky stars. The costs for making American films likewise continues to go through the roof. It wasn't so long ago a movie costing $200 million was in the running for the most expensive film ever made. Spider-Man 3, sluggish as it is, cost $500 million. Are they ever going to make that back? If it is a financial success, what are ticket prices going to be next year or the year after that?

Watching American values spread around the world, even when not accompanied by the barrel of a gun, is like watching the progress of a disease.


Jess Wundrun said...

Watching American values spread around the world, even when not accompanied by the barrel of a gun, is like watching the progress of a disease.

Have you ever watched American television while visiting a foreign country? It always gives me a feeling of shame, like everyone knows I'm full of bullshit being nice 'cuz they've all read my diary and know for real that I'm an asshole. Times 300 million.

Fran said...

Sadly I couldn't agree more with you both, Matty and Jess.

On Saturday, my husband wanted (in a genuine gesture of goodness) to take me to the movies to see Shrek. We have a bit of the beauty and the beast - both elements in both of us. The first and even the second to some extent, Shreks touched our hearts.

Anyway for once his eternal lateness paid off... Sold out! I was relieved to not go. And now I know I won't.

And forget Spiderman. Ugh.

What have we become? We are lost as a nation and society... culturally and otherwise.

Thank God for this blog and PSP I say!

Anyway, I use Netflix to see all the movies that either never show up in a theatre or if they do, it is for 37 seconds.

Plus I will need to remortgage the house soon if we go to the movies too much!

Matty Boy said...

My humble blog has hope for the future if I have the PonyPal All-Stars here, commenting at will. (And also my face2face friends and fambly members; love the commenters.)

I cut this rant down to bare bones this morning. I had a whole bunch of stuff about third films in series and good movies from other countries made on the (relative) cheap and the merits of TV shows vs. movies nowadays. But I'm glad to see the individual sized portion was still enough to get y'all to chime in.