Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Passing of the Noble Skidboot

If you think this title has been claimed on false pretenses, I suggest going on The You Tubes and watching the video for yourself. Skidboot and his owner/trainer David Hartwig, a horse shoeing cowboy from rural Texas, performed on TV and in person for many years, and Skidboot's ability to listen to and understand complex directions is really amazing. The video shows Skidboot in his prime, but also shows that the dog's eyesight was going at the end. Looking for more information than the video link my sister Jennifer sent to me, I went to the website devoted to this devoted dog, and found the sad news is that this very fine animal died late last month.

My best wishes to Mr. Hartwig, his family and all the friends and admirers of Skidboot, holder in perpetuity of the title, The World's Smartest Dog.

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