Saturday, May 19, 2007

The People Have Spoken: Buzz Feed Experiment #2

The bar chart shows visits to this page over the past month. The skyscraper spike in the middle is when my Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich post got a link on the website Buzz Feed. The little bump on the right is when my Jerry Falwell post was put on the Buzz Feed.

The numbers say it's true! The public likes pretty girls more than they like dead bigots, even when the pretty girl is the gigantic child bride of a tiny but perfectly formed Vegan. Elizabeth Kucinich earns her own category.

Maybe there should be a sequel to The Three Worlds of Gulliver where Gulliver goes back to Brobdingnag and marries Glumdalclitch when she comes of age. Give the people what they want! (Sorry, the movie was on TCM last night and I got caught up watching it again.)

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