Saturday, May 5, 2007

Pretty Girls, Babies and Flags of many lands™

Obrigado Brasil!

Shalom Israel!

The pretty girl in the picture is my niece Nefera. The baby is her son Emerson. His first birthday was last week. Happy birthday, Emerson! (Note to any Brazilians wandering by: He probably is not named after the great Brazilian footballer.)

As we will see in this and future photos of Emerson, he has already got the concept of Flirting Shamelessly down to an art.

Note about yesterday's post: There is a website called Buzz Feed that links to whatever they think is a popular concept, and they listed Elizabeth Kucinich as one of those popular concepts, and so my site got a lot of traffic, mainly to the separate page that Blogger creates for each post.

Any Elizabeth Kucinich fan who clicks on the Pretty Girls label will also see this post. Hello, Elizabeth Kucinich fans! Hope you enjoy Indira Varma, Catherine Denueve and my niece Nefara as well. Yay!

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