Friday, May 4, 2007

Trophy Wives and "Random 10"

Here are pictures of two presidential candidates (sort of) and their much younger wives. First off, we have Dennis Kucinich and his wife, 31 years his junior. Next is Fred Dalton Thompson, actor, lobbyist and maybe presidential candidate if he feels like with his child bride, a mere 25 years younger than he is.

Let me use photo deconstruction skills I have honed as a snarky commenter on the Princess Sparkle Pony blog.

First, Dennis and Elizabeth. You may already have been aware that Kucinich is part hobbit and a Vegan, but his wife? Redhead, lovely English accent and six feet tall. Those of you already aware of the Matty Boy HubbaHubba Scale will know that in my book, Miss Elizabeth hits the Trifecta. I don't subscribe to the She's Too Tall For Him school, and in Dennis' favor, he's trim, he has all his hair and he's done what he can to keep that hair dark and lustrous. It's kind of like Bilbo marries Galadriel. Lucky bastid.

Then there's Fred Dalton. Certainly tall enough, no question there. But he's bald, the hair he has left is gray and he's paunchy. Honestly, dude, stop getting so touchy-feely with your grand-daughter. It's creeping the rest of us out.

In the words of Elvis Costello in his song My Science Fiction Twin:

My science fiction twin is doing better than expected,
He captured a little blonde trophy wife who is really very well connected.

And starting from that non-random point, here's the Friday Random 10 from the iTunes, with a semi-pointed bonus track from the late Freddie Mercury and his mates.

My Science Fiction Twin Elvis Costello
(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher Jackie Wilson
Cosmics Hoagy Carmichael
Lie Still Little Bottle The Might Be Giants
Frank’s Wild Years Tom Waits
If You’ll Give Me Your Attention Gilbert & Sullivan
Through These Architect’s Eyes David Bowie
They Can’t Take That Away From Me Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
Bad Girl Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
Don Oiche Ud I mBeithil The Chieftains (with Burgess Meredith)
Bonus track
Somebody to Love Queen

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