Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Double Dose of It's Official™!

It looks like Laura is about a half beat late on getting her left leg in, but it's good to see that even in the Czech Republic they know What It's All About.

It, of course, being The Hokey Pokey.


Anonymous said...

Allow me to inject my wishful thinking on the scene:

George has just traded Laura to the Czech Republic for a six pack of the authentic Budweiser Budvar. Laura is about to step into the arms of her new overlord. George is striding to the table (barely visible) to sign them papers before buyers' remorse by the entire Czech nation sets in. (Which will happen as soon as their is a glitch in the importation of Pall Mall cigarettes.)

Fran said...

I am HOWLING with laughter. Matt my man, you have outdone yourself!

And the Hokey Pokey becomes the earworm of the day!!

And THAT'S what its all about!

Fran said...

Wait a minute... this isn't from the new season of Wife Swap, is it?