Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dumbass Design™: The Blind Salamander

If you watched the great new nature series Planet Earth, now being re-run on Animal Planet on Wednesday nights, you might recall the story about the blind salamanders in the underwater aquifers of Texas. Caves with no light still produce life, where the main nutrient for the critters stuck in the cave is bat guano. It's easy for us to think... ick, but life does what it has to.

So in a cave with no light, we get blind salamanders, which as you can see have no eyes. Is that an example of Dumbass Design™? I think it qualifies if you realize that the salamanders do have eye sockets. Why would the genius designer of all living critters give animals without eyes a place for those non-existent eyes to be? Could these salamanders have evolved from critters with eyes that used to live in an environment that did have light? No, that's just what evil secular progressives want you to believe.

Also, I have a new post on Smirking Chimp about the pinheads who whine about the media not telling us "The Good News From Iraq", which is a confused idea created by the fact that Americans haven't really seen a war since 1865.

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FranIAm said...

And I thought that the penguin post was good, this is brilliant!

That is some creature, it definitely should have one of those "unbelievably not photoshopped" tags.

This is icky and amazing all at once.

Dumbass design is almost always that way. Which is the beauty of it all.