Friday, June 8, 2007

Lettin' Bygones Bein' Bygones

"Hey, Pootie Poot! How ya doin'? You left the polonium at home, right? Heh heh..."

"Listen. You ran baseball team. I ran KGB. Stop the fucking with me. But seriously, how are secret prisons going? I could help with that."

And with these two pals patching things up, we move on to the Random 10+1.

By The Wayside A Cruel Hoax
It’s All In The Game The Four Tops
Pony St. Elvis Costello
If You’re Goin’ To The City Mose Allison
Enchanted The Platters
The State of Elanoy Rafael Boguslav
Mystery Train The Band
Rock-N-Roll Will Never Die King Missile
A Wandering Mistrel I Gilbert and Sullivan
Romeo Is Bleeding Tom Waits
A Porter’s Love Song to a Chambermaid Fats Waller

The obscure 'splained.

A Cruel Hoax is the band formed by the other members of The Wonders of Science after I left, lead by the inimitable Mickey Boy, known better known as Padre Mickey, the guy spinning the platters over at The Dance Party. He is also the abuelo of two of the babies in heavy rotation here at Lotsa 'Splainin', Evelyn and Evannie.

King Missile also recorded the classics The Fish Who Played The Ponies, Mystical Shit and Take Stuff From Work. Matty Boy says check 'em out.

And once again, Rafael Boguslav shows up. Best money I ever spent on eBay was getting his now fifty year old album. I told you that Rafael (known to his friends as Ray) left music and made his living as a graphic designer? He designed that eagle, olive branch and scales logo for the IRS. Whatever you think of the tax guys, the logo is a nice piece of graphic design.

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Padre Mickey said...

Yea! I'm on a top ten and it isn't from MY iTunes!
I wrote that song from a phrase Travis and Lexi sang OVER AND OVER AND OVER on our way to a gig in SF (By the Wayside, where the Dead People go!) You remember how Travis would lock on to some phrase and not stop until threatened with death. When we went to Chico for a gig he sang "Chico, don't be discouraged! The man . . ." (I've blocked the rest of it) for the ENTIRE SIX HOURS!!!

I sure scream a lot on that song.