Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Putting Words in Babies' Mouths

The person in the center of this picture is Calvin, Son of Josh. The person on the TV with his head cut off is one of The Wiggles. Calvin loves him some Wiggles. The person in the Hawaiian shirt with his head cut off is Michael, father of Josh. Michael is my older brother, and as of today is one year older than he was yesterday.

Calvin can talk up a storm, but not in a language known to anyone else. If he could complete a sentence in English, I'm sure that today he would say, "Happy Birthday, Grandpa Michael, and many happy returns."

Calvin did love carrying the ukulele around that last month when the family got together on the birthday of his great grandpa, which I discussed in an earlier post. Calvin's dad is a musician, as is his grandfather and his great grandfather. I'm not sayin' Calvin is destined to be Eric Clapton in twenty years time.

I'm just sayin'.

And in conclusion, happy birthday to my brother, Michael Macrae.

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