Friday, June 1, 2007

Separated at Birth: You Be The Judge

Some people say the new World Bank leader looks like Kip Dynamite, the kid with the weapons posing in front of the American flag.

I say he looks like Doc Cochran from Deadwood.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's just that my opinion is actually the correct one.

Just sayin'.


Fran said...

Kip bib bo bip
Banana fana fo fip
Me mi moe mip

That's what I'm sayin'.

And the pretty girls are nice and all, but feel free to throw a random and gratuitous Adam Koresh (Adam badam bo badum, banana fana fo fadum, me mi moe madam ADAM) photo up there.

Others who grew up during the 60's are cold hatin' on me now for launching the Name Game earworm.

Sorry. A chorus of the monkey song can be arranged!!

Matty Boy said...
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Matty Boy said...

It's Adam Kokesh, not Adam Koresh, Fran.

Adam Kokesh fans who have difficulties with the spelling are advised to go to the Princess Sparkle Pony website, which is in my blog buddy list. Many are the pictures and the swooning, hubba hubba.