Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Because All The Cool Kids Are Doing It?

I’ve noticed recently that several blogs I read have had pictures of Fred Thompson and his wife, or Dennis Kucinich and his wife, or both. While some may think I’m just being a copycat, let the record show that I already did this way back when. Yet, here I am doing it again. Why, you might ask? Pandering to an audience that finds my blog almost by accident looking for pictures of Ms. Kucinich and Ms. Thompson? Why if that were the reason, I might as well include a lolz cat! How dare you impugn my integrity as a blogger!

Here is a picture of Miss Elizabeth and spouse, the Elven princess who gave up immortality for the hobbit she loves, and said hobbit. (Not actually true. Dennis does not have fur covered tops of his feet.)

Did you know they are both vegans, brought together by a desire to make the world a better place?

Did you know that though he is tiny and perfectly formed, he has cojones large enough to introduce a bill to impeach Dick Cheney?

And here’s a picture of old, bald, jowly, fat Fred Dalton Thompson and the aging Hooters girl he snagged. (Not actually true; she never worked at Hooters.)

Did you know they are both former lobbyists, brought together by a desire to make a buck while the world goes to hell in a hand basket?

While Fred Dalton is very tall with a lovely speaking voice, his heart and brain are so small that he thinks Scooter Libby deserves a medal for lying and obstructing justice. He also proudly wrote in a book some 30 years ago that he was leaking evidence back to Nixon's White House while working on the committee tasked to get to the bottom of the corruption in the Nixon White House. (This counts as news now because somebody finally got around to reading his crap book.)

As that eHarmony dork might say, it’s all about matching priorities.

And since I mentioned them, I include a lolz cat. Hate to disappoint as majority of the Googling public over something as minor as blogging integrity.


Karla said...

Though they're divorcing (shocker), I also think Salman Rushdie and his giant beauty of a bride deserve a place here as well.

I mean come on!

I has fog!

Zoey & Me said...

Trophy Brides . . . uh yay! And what about that Impechment proposal? Did it work?

FranIAm said...

Deep sigh... I hang my blogger head in blogger shame. How is it that I have lifted the two very photos from your post into mine, without noticing?

It's not like when I actively steal things 'n stuff, like I do with Dr. Monkey's blog. Nope, this was mindless blogger plagarism of sorts.

Matt you have my solemn blogger promise to not use your lolz cats. Maybe.

On top of it all this post, in addition to being so well written was also very, very funny.

Now if I could only find a way to copy that without seeming so damned obvious!

Matty Boy said...

To Karla: She is a colossal cutie and maybe a little younger than Salman. I wish I knew about them when I made my brief history of gigantic child brides.

To zoey & me: Dennis' bill of impeachment against Lord Cheney has not been adopted yet, but from small (yet perfectly formed) acorns, great oaks grow.

To Fran: Yes, you used the same pictures I did of the candidates' trophy brides, but there were other instances (including Huffington Post and Monkey Muck) that made me write this post. Not a direct attack on your blog or your integrity.

FranIAm said...

Oh I know but I still hang my head in shame. You know I think you rule.

And I do "borrow" a lot of photos from dr. monkey! But that's another story!!