Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Good guys. Bad guys. I report, you decide.

This is Jay Inslee. He is a Democratic representative from the great state of Washington. He has introduced a resolution to impeach the lying scum bastard Alberto Gonzales, the worst attorney general our country has ever had, and that includes the convicted criminal John Mitchell, who held the job under Richard Nixon.

Dear readers who are U.S. citizens, please call or write your representative and ask them pretty please to be a co-sponsor of this excellent idea. Be nice. Offer to bake cookies or something.

This is Alaskan senator Ted Stevens. He has been in the Senate forever. To give you an idea of how long, when he was first elected, the New York Jets were a really good football team and young, attractive women actually wanted to have sex with Joe Namath. Yeah, that long ago.

IRS and FBI agents raided his home yesterday. It appears the place may have gotten some renovations paid for by an Alaskan company that Stevens did some favors for. By "some renovations", we mean the house doubled in size and by "some favors", we mean passing legislation giving tax breaks to the company owned by a guy who has now plead guilty to bribing other Alaskan politicians, though not Stevens himself. Yet.

Sen. Stevens says he will not comment during ongoing criminal investigations. Republicans seem to say that a lot these days.


FranIAm said...

Ted Stevens is a lying sack of $hit!

It offends me deeply that there is an airport named after him. How can we be naming things after the living???

Karla said...

Auugh! Your blog has deleted its margins, at least on my computer, and the posts got very big! Ted Stevens is looming!

Can't turn away, can't block out imagezzzzzz.

Must posts dogs or lolcatz plz. Erase looming Stevens from visual cortex!

Matty Boy said...

It's the new design, baby sister. Gonna have to get used to it.

You think my Ted Stevens is bad, click on over to Princess Sparkle Pony. You'll thank me for my restraint.

jolie said...

stevens says he paid every bill he got.

love the parsing.

just like rumsfeld testifying that he knows of no cover-up. yeah, right.


KELSO'S NUTS said...

I have truly found my blog brother here. I made the unfavorable comparison with Michell as well. Maybe Franiam can help with this but I saw an excellent play -- in 1987, too lazy to Google -- about the post-Watergate Mitchell that really captured the man but still allowed for his hummanness and some sympathy.