Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hatin' On Commercials: Vol. 2

Today brings yet another installment of Hatin' On Commercials. Comcast, my cable company, has a lot of commercials dealing with metaphors and puns. One has a guy ordering caboodle at a dim sum restaurant. The waiter asks if he would like kit with his caboodle? He takes a whiff and smiles and decides to get both. The tagline, of course, is "Get the whole kit and caboodle."

The subtext that makes this ad so irritating for me is that caboodle is $3.99, while kit is $7.99. Have something a little better, and by the way, the cost will be triple. This isn't the message that a business whose service costs have risen much faster than the rate of inflation should be sending, is it?

1 comment:

FranIAm said...

LOVE that picture!I am visiting friends who have comcast and hate them... they particularly enjoyed seeing this.

Ah yes - the triple play. Another great marketing ploy from every cable operator under the sun (mine is cablevision here) to rob you of your hard earned dollars.

if my cable modem were stable i might even think of getting the phone, but given the fact it craps out all the time, i will stick with what i have.