Monday, July 2, 2007

Michael Barone: Historian, Pundit, Pinhead

The original definition of neoconservative (shortened to neocon) was someone who used to be liberal who later became conservative. This was used to distinguish them from paleoconservatives, like William F. Buckley and Pat Buchanan. Now, when nearly everyone calls Dick Cheney a neocon, the original meaning is nearly gone.

Michael Barone is a neocon. Worked for McGovern in 1972, now works for Fox Noise Channel. I saw him while flipping channels being interviewed on C-SPAN on Sunday, which is their day to talk to authors. I didn't hear the call he was responding to, but he said "I believe it would have been better for Vietnam if our side had won. I don't know how the caller feels."

Nice couple of sentences, jackass. Insinuate that the caller is a Commie, and show a complete lack of understanding of history.

People who think they have a 20-20 hindsight winning strategy in Vietnam are full of crap. We thought we were fighting the Commies. They thought they were fighting somebody else who wanted to be a colonial power, replacing the French. Whatever you might think about the people we were fighting, the opinion of the Vietnamese on our side is the same everywhere you go, left of right, American or non-American. The South Vietnamese government was as corrupt as hell and the South Vietnamese army were the worst allies you could ask for, worse even than the French. How were we going to win with that combination? (Does a corrupt government and incompetent army remind you of any situation we might be in today, Mr. Published Historian?)

I know! It would have been better if McGovern beat Nixon in 1972! You worked for McGovern, you must accept that premise on some level. Only thing is, the premise is complete crap. The election was never in doubt. It's complete fantasyland wishful thinking to even spend a moment considering it.

It's time to become an adult, Mr. Barone. You are certainly old enough by now.

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FranIAm said...

Matt this is so well put in every way there is no commment other than- GREAT POST.

But you may have insulted the other pinheads, ok?

Tee hee.

Seriously- excellent piece.