Friday, July 27, 2007

Multitasking Friday

¡Hola, Venezuela! ¡Benvenidos a Lotsa 'Splainin'!

Okay, here's another ad I hate. Linebacker Brian Urlacher and designated hitter David Ortiz take up badminton and dominate all opponents. I know it's supposed to be comic violence and all, but the truth is that Urlacher on a badminton court would be merely outclassed, while Ortiz, if he actually put in an effort, would be in danger of losing his life.

Major sports in the U.S. are about being big and hitting hard, being able mete out and absorb physical punishment. Popular sports in other countries are about being fit. Urlacher is strong but his sport does not test fitness, since he doesn't play half the game and even when he does play, there is more time resting between the action than actual action. As for Ortiz, he is a big fat pig. Badminton would rip his lungs out.

I know it's just a joke. I know Mitt Romney would tell me to lighten up. The thing is, it's a bad joke, a stupid joke. Anyone with a little pride would be ashamed telling such a bad joke.

And with that, we go to this week's Random 10.

I've Been to Memphis Lyle Lovett
The Heart's Filthy Lesson David Bowie
Big Tears Elvis Costello & the Attractions
Lola The Kinks
Get Behind The Mule Tom Waits
Washboard Blues Hoagy Carmichael
The Nearness of You Norah Jones
Allamana Desmond Dekker
The Groove is in the Heart Deee-Lite
Be Thankful For What You’ve Got Portrait

And in regards to being thankful, thanks to my roommate Art Velasquez for letting me use his computer while mine is out of commission due to a faulty modem. The guy from customer service told me that an 11 month old modem is likely to fail, and I believe him, because I just fell off the turnip truck.