Thursday, July 12, 2007

Oh, goody! Multiple choice quiz!

That guy from The Empire Strikes Back movie with the things stuck permanently on his head looks like:

a) a valuable member of the Cloud City security task force
b) an unfortunate accident victim doing his best to make his way in the world despite his handicap
c) one creepy ass lookin' mofo

The folks walking around everywhere with their bluetooth phones stuck permanently on their heads look like:

a) Multitasking go-getters on their way to the top
b) Early adopters of the coolest new technology
c) some creepy ass lookin' mofos


Karla said...

I still haven't gotten used to all the creepy azz mufus who walk around talking loudly in stores or whatever. At this point, the headsets are becoming almost invisible!

I'm constantly looking around to find whomever it is they're talking to, or I think they're talking to me. Or I think they're crazy and back away slowly.

But it is nice for me, because I can talk to myself in my car and I'll just look like some bluetooth-havin' wanker.

FranIAm said...

that is exactly what i think when i am in the car and singing very loudly to myself!

Matty Boy said...

Like any good leftist, I'm big on the self-criticism, and I sometimes think my dislike of headphones EVERYWHERE is just a sign that I'm heading towards the "all you kids get off my lawn!" phase of my life.

But if that were true, I'd watch Bill O'Reilly instead of Keith Olbermann, and I'm not making that switch anytime soon.

Also, I'd like to thank Karla, whose comment made it clear to me that mofo is funnier in print than mutha, and it still helps keep my kid friendly blog rating.

Maybe not completely kid hostile is more accurate.