Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tagged by a monkey!

So yet another game of blogger tag, this time by Dr. Monkey. I guess if I'm involved in a game with a monkey, there could be much worse scenarios. The doctor asks five questions, and I must answer them.

1. Does this look infected to you?

Dammit, Jim, I'm not a doctor, I'm a mathematician!

2. What was the name of your kindergarten or first grade teacher?

Miss Shelley in first grade. I don't remember wearing short pants to school, but I've blocked out a lot of things about the period in my life. No teacher for kindergarten; I was kicked out. Or do they call it skipping a grade? As I've said, I've blocked a lot if this out.

3. Have you ever broken a bone in your body?

Pinky finger, left hand. Slipped rounding first playing kickball. So I have something in common with Lindsay Lohan, though my rap sheet is much more modest.

4. What's up with the humidity lately?

I live in the San Francsico Bay Area. You might as well ask how I'm preparing for hurricane season.

5. What kind of alcoholic beverage would you buy me if we went out for a drink?

Oh, great. We've never met, and already I'm buying drinks. I might invite you home and offer you a glass or two of Two Buck Chuck, cheap bastid that I am. I'd have to clean the place up, though. Bit of a pigsty right now.

I don't have any questions for anybody else. I'm more on the 'splainin' side rather than the askin' side.

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