Saturday, July 28, 2007

True lack of employment tales

This is Isaac Haqq. He ran a school in Oakland called University Prep. If the front of the school looks like it's in a shopping mall, that's because it is.

I work part time at several community colleges. This means in general that I am always looking for more work. A friend at one school where I teach told me that the high school was looking for someone to teach an SAT prep class for the students. I had taught some SAT students in the past, so I went to the shopping mall to talk to Isaac.

He was very busy. He was involved in everything. He kept me waiting about a half an hour. He told me about the job, which was a lot of hours for test prep, more than I thought made sense. The class would be nearly every afternoon for hours and hours at an off campus location. Isaac asked if I had a bus driver's license. When I said no, he asked if I'd be willing to apply for one.

He didn't mention money at first. He asked what I would want to be paid. I said nothing. At community colleges, I make in excess of $50 an hour, which would be a lot if I was paid for the time spent preparing, grading and all, but that's just for the time lecturing. I knew a high school wouldn't pay that, so I didn't mention a number. In some ways, the person who mentions a number first in these negotiations is technically the loser.

Isaac finally mentioned a number. He thought what the job was worth was $20 an hour. Again I said nothing. For teaching a classroom full of students, $20 an hour is babysitter money. The interview continued. I left. I called him and passed on the offer.

I told my friend who let me know about the gig. He was furious at Isaac and very apologetic to me. I let it pass. Bad job interviews happen.

This week, my friend let me know that Isaac Haqq had been forced to resign his position and will be arrested. He was fixing grades on a wholesale scale. D's and F's in the classroom were becoming C's and B's on report cards and A's on transcripts for college entrance.

Lucky for me, Issac Haqq was not only a lying criminal, he was a cheap bastard of a lying criminal, or I might be in the middle of this shit storm as well. Hooray for cheap lying bastards!

And, oh yeah, I have a new essay on The Smirking Chimp calling yet again for the impeachment of Alberto Gonzales.


Karla said...

I heard a name for the increasing number of highly educated folks who can only get part time college teaching gigs - here and there and everywhere. Lotsa travel, no benefits, wah.

Freeway Faculty.

They, and you, need a theme song.

FranIAm said...

A really good friend of mine was in the same situation...

She would travel pillar-to-post doing all these adjunct gigs at the many community colleges in her area.

Now that has all changed and she finally got herself one spot at one community college.

This seems to deserve its own employment category not to mention, as Karla points out- a theme song!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Well done you.

dguzman said...

Wow, I'm glad I checked out your blog after hopping over from PSP's. You rock so. freakin. hard.

And as a former community college instructor (walked away from that noise), I wish you luck, man.