Wednesday, August 1, 2007

All the cool kids are doing it. Seeing movies and wearing pants.

Let me be among the last of the blogs you read to review The Simpsons Movie. And, like all the other reviews, let me recommend the film. There are plenty of laughs that haven't been put in the previews. For instance, everything with Green Day is terrific, and it's all in the first ten minutes of the film, so I'm giving almost nothing away. There's a Special Guest Star playing Himself that hits a couple comedy home runs. (By the way, President Schwarzenegger is voiced by Harry Shearer, so he's not who I am talking about.)

On a personal note, Homer Simpson may be one of the few human beings who likes hot sauce as much as I do, with the only noticeable difference being that he is a cartoon character. (Not that I have forgotten my friend Jim Overly, who uses Insanity Sauce like it's ketchup. Scary stuff.)

I've been a Simpsons fan for as long as they have had a half hour show. I didn't watch Tracey Ullman's show that regularly, and I think those cartoons aren't as good as the stuff that came later. More than that, let me be man enough to admit to being dead wrong in public. After the first season, Matt Groening (rhymes with complaining) said they would take the focus off Bart and make the show more about Homer. When I heard that, I thought, Well, it's been fun, but it can't last more than another two seasons if Bart isn't the focus.

How should we measure a Simpsons movie? Is it as good as three good episodes put together? Yes, it is. Does it give us all our favorite characters in liberal doses? No, it does not. The family is the focus and a lot of regulars, like Apu, Willie, Skinner and others barely get a minute of screen time. Does it stay true to the characters? Absolutely. The Simpsons all act completely as we would expect in all their situations, as does Ned Flanders, who is probably the best advertisement for Christianity in pop culture since Lilian Gish's character in the original Night of the Hunter.

Matty Boy says check it out. Or as Bart might write on the board, I will not illegally download this film.

Oops, gave away a joke.


FranIAm said...

I am too blown away by your new layout(not in a bad way, just in a pre-coffee moment on vacation way!)to say too much!

Many years ago, say like over 20 of them, when Matt Groening's claim to fame was "Life Is Hell", I was a devoted reader.

Anyway what I will say is "I will not illegally download this film!"

KELSO'S NUTS said...

I come her via Franiam. Like it a lot. I've been a Calvin Trillin fan for many years. When asked why his kids didn't go as Marx and Engels for Halloween he said "we didn't know anyone who could sew that good."

Saw The Simpsons yesterday. Plenty of great stuff for father, son, father and son. Wanted more Apu, Moe, Burns, Smithers, etc., but such is life. Surprised the CEO of Cargill ISN'T the head of the EPA! Whoops.

Now, if I could only remember which conservative idiot columnist in which newspaper or magazine was bemoaning that Matt Groening had switched from Right-Wing to Left-Wing for this movie...might have been in National Review online. Jeez, that was news to me!

LIFE IN HELL was pure genius, btw. Best was year-end list of banned expressions. "____on crack" was a personal fave. Know I couldn't possibly know this from personal experience but I have HEARD that what makes that expression so extra stupid is that a lungful of crack is about as strong as a light beer and tends to have a mellowing, not stimulating effect. So, wouldn't something "on crack" suggest reduction rather than augmentation?

Finally, whoever this dude is who uses Dave's Insanity like ketchup is my hero. I once put a DROP on a Triscuit and I was in pain for an hour. And I like spicy food. Keep up the great blog.

Matty Boy said...

Jim Overly. Nice guy with the highest tolerance for hot food I have ever seen in my life. We were at a Jamaican Barbeque place in Hayward, CA, when the owner brought out the Insanity Sauce. Jim dipped his ribs in it like you or I would dip fries in ketchup. I have other witnesses, if need be.

A guy came over and shook Jim's hand. This guy had just finished a meal with the medium hot sauce and his face was coated evenly in layer of sweat a couple of millimeters thick.

Giving away a poorly kept secret, Jim and I met online because of our mutual interest in very tall women. Our friends joke that when Jim goes to heaven, it will be a brew pub where the waitresses are tall enough, the beer is hoppy enough and the food is spicy enough for Jim. We know this will be a special place removed from our sphere of existance, because Jim has never experienced any of these things in real life.

FranIAm said...

Oh my - the comments are even funnier than the blog.

I love that Dave's insanity sauce story!

And - how I loves me some Kelso!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Mmmmm...tall women...

I'm 5' 7". My first wife, with whom I parted amicabally and am now godfather to her infant son, was 5' 10".

All the signs were in neon beforehand so I should have known better, but as a heuristic device (I know you're a Math Man Matty) ex-Mrs. Kelso #2, was only 5'2". Nevertheless, the union with Mrs. Kelso 2, produced Kelso, Jr., who's the pure nuts, though way smallest kid in class. Pediatrician sez he'll top out at 5' 4" or 5' 5", but as he pitches,plays short and bats 3rd for his Little League team and has NEVER LOST A KID FIGHT (taught him to box when he was 3 because I knew he'd be bullied if it came down to rasslin'), he's already getting his share of the big little dolls! Go on, my son!

Kelso does not have a TALL WOMAN FETISH, though. Mmmm....women

KELSO'S NUTS said...

As a fellow music, sports, politics, math and tall-woman fan, I'll recommend maybe the all-time great song's in praise of tall women (actually and metaphoric): PABLO PICASSO by CITIZEN COPE. [No connection to Jonathan Richman song of same name.] The album, THE CLARENCE GREENWOOD SESSIONS, is very, very political, with no sports references though. His first album does make reference to thoroughbred racing at Pimlico.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks, KN. The tunes I know that mention the fetish directly or obliquely include Elvis Costello's My Science Fiction Twin, Little Village's Big Love and The Tubes' Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman. There are many blues and R&B songs that talk about long tall women as well.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Ahh, the TUBES. One day, I KNOW Mark Cuban is going to start using "White Punks On Dope" as between innings music if he buys the Cubs!