Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Andy Sidaris vs. the 2008 Presidential Campaign

On The Daily Show last night, they discussed the 27th Democratic Presidential Debate that just aired. 27 is the actual number, not a joke. The joke they made was how often the camera cut to the crowd to show Elizabeth Kucinich. They cut to Miss Elizabeth whenever Dennis was making a point, but they also cut to her even when other candidates were giving their answers. (I went to the Daily Show website, but this particular clip wasn't available for viewing.)

This is the DVD cover for the films of Andy Sidaris, a truly third rate filmmaker whose artistic vision consists of going to Hawaii, hiring women who have posed naked in Playboy or Penthouse, writing a tired action film and shooting it on a pathetically low budget, then releasing these films on DVD. The actress on the cover is Julie Strain. The only thing she and Elizabeth Kucinich have in common is they are both six feet tall.

I bring up the work of Mr. Sidaris (no relation to David Sedaris, either in terms of family tree or artistic vision) because his day job was as the director of Monday Night Football for many years, where he is often given the credit for the invention of The Honey Shot, which is cutting into the stands to show a pretty girl. Personally, though I have heard this story from several quarters, it seems amazing to me that this wasn't a common practice long before Monday Night Football. I mean, he didn't invent the USC cheerleaders, did he?

I personally don't care one way or the other if Fred Dalton Thompson enters the race. Republican voters even seem to be tiring of his coy act even before he declares for real. But I'm sure the directors of the Republican TV debates can't wait until they can cut to a picture of his grand daughter wife in the crowd.

Have I already said how icky they look together? Yeah, I think I have in previous posts.

(Edited for spelling: Thanks to sfmike for noticing.)


dguzman said...

How dirty-old-man IS this guy? He's so gross: with his cigar-smoke, Aqua-Velva, jowly-cheeked, slack-jawed Southern-ness. Eeeww.

By the way, I'm hoping to see you post something about the Michael Vick - er - situation. Wow.

Zoey & Me said...

Kucinich+trophy wife, I think I can take . . . Uncle Fester+ oh Puleeeze!

FranIAm said...

Kucinich and Elizabeth = good!

Andy Sidaris = EEEW

Old Man and LobbyFreak Wife= horrible

In that photo Mrs. Thompson seems to be looking off camera to one of her handlers and saying "did i really go through with this? it better be worth it."


Matty Boy said...

Not to worry, dguzman. My latest take on Michael Vick will be tomorrow's post.

It is a little odd how the Thompsons are looking at different things in this picture. I know it was the case also in the red carpet picture I posted a few months back. I'm going to look on the Google to see if this is a steady pattern or just a coincidence.

FranIAm said...

Oh Matty boy, trust me, there are no coincidences! Especially where those evil toads of self promotion are involved!

Anxiously awaiting your next post.

sfmike said...

Is it Sidaris or Sedaris, and do you watch his films repeatedly as soft-core porn or are they too terrible for that? These are the things Enquiring Readers need to know.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks for the catch, mike. It's Sidaris, so obviously no relation to Sedaris. I saw one all the way through on videotape nearly 20 years ago, and caught bits and pieces of one on Cinemax on some weekend soft-porn late night broadcast. Accent of the soft, light on the porn.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Saw Thompson interviewed on CNN last week. It sure didn't look like he was in a big hurry to get in to this race.

Why shouldn't Dennis Kucinich have a nice looking, brainy, wife? He's clearly the alpha male in this group!

Re Vick, you'll get no argument from me on this one. I was agnostic. I am no longer. He's a cretin and deserves a long custodial sentence and I've posted as much on Forego's Nuts.

I bet we still have unresolved issues about Cooperstown, but how about this? Let's agree that there was nothing slightly Cooperstown-worthy about Kirby Puckett. I say Josh Gibson gets a normal display and Kirby replaces Gibson in the Negro Leagues backwater.