Thursday, August 9, 2007

I Has My Computurr Back!

I am once again a happy blogger, as my computer is back from repairs and I am able to use it instead of bumming off my friend Art's computer. Yay, my own computer! Yay, friends who let you use their stuff!

Besides a lolz cat, I also want to advertise four new blog inductees. This lolz cat comes from I Can Has Cheeseburger?, which now is giving Cute Overload a run for the money as bestest lolz cat producer on the web. I'm also adding fellow bloggers Distributorcap NY and Kelso's Nuts to the list, in the fine tradition of blogger tit for tat. Like Kelso, I am planning on opening up a sports only blog later this month, tentatively titled The Unified Football Theory. More information as it becomes available.

I also add my own math website Pascal's Triangle From Top To Bottom.

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