Monday, August 20, 2007

Okay, I'm a sap. But we knew that already, yes?

While I can usually work up a good two minute's hate over anything that even approaches reality TV, I do make time every week for new episodes of Meerkat Manor. The show isn't quite as dishonest as reality TV where the producers set up all the unlikely situations in the first place and actually script some of the dialog, but it's an obvious open secret that the show is all about the editing room. The same, of course, can be said about any news story that isn't a live feed, and there's even somebody deciding when to break away from a live feed.

Then there are the meerkats themselves. Why do we like, nay love, these little varmints? Take a look at a meerkat on all fours. Large rat? Small weasel? Throw in carnivorous and covered in parasitic insects and the ick factor gets pretty high.

But let one of these little guys stand up on its hind legs and suddenly, ooooh, dey so cuuuuuute! Da li'l meerkatsies! Da li'l meerkittehs!

Like I said, a sap.

This season, there are new commercials for Meerkat Manor that I like a lot. Of course, being on Animal Planet and marketed towards kids, they go easy on the sex and violence, but the ads admit that the plot of the story is all about who is pregnant with the next litter of pups. In the Whiskers clan, that has been the dominant female Flower for all three seasons, even though some of her daughters are now old enough to be mommies themselves. The new ad shows Flower against a white background, text explaining her situation in a way that makes it sound like the problems that might be faced by a momma of trailer trash, with Britney Spears' tune Oops, I Did It Again as the background music. I love the juxtaposition, because now we know that Britney is not the super-hot mean popular girl slut from her early videos, but actually trailer trash herself. I think Britney's people thought, "Oooh, meerkats. Dey sooo cuuuuuuute. Da li'l meerkittehs! It'll be fun!"

Britney's people aren't that much brighter than she is.

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