Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Once more, The Decider becomes The 'Splainer.

This guy is the new nominee for Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He's Admiral Mullen. Good guy. That's why I nominated him. Heh heh.

Thing is, he doesn't think there is a military solution in Iraq. He thinks the solution will have to be political. He's talking about making sure the tours of duty are actually the maximum length that the current rules say they should be. This means we will have to draw down from Iraq starting early next year.

Well, that's a problem for freedom lovers like me. Those who truly love freedom want to give it to everyone, sometimes as the point of a gun. You can't be free to reject freedom. That wouldn't make sense. Free not to be free. That's what logisticals call a parable, a sentence that doesn't make sense. Don't read it too many times. Kinda makes you dizzy. heh heh.

So how can I go against the advice of my new Head of the Joint Chiefs, especially after I said I listen to the generals? Well, thing is, he's an admiral, not a general. Not the same thing. Don't have to listen.

Alberto thought of that. heh heh. He's a clever guy, for a Hispanic. Lots of people misunderestimate him.

Heh heh.


dguzman said...

Wow. It all makes sense now, sir!

Am I the only one who thinks Alberto likes like an Alberta in that photo in your sidebar? And like he's auditioning for a part in the Lucy Show?

jolie said...

well done, sir!

Karla said...

You know, Alberta does look like he's auditioning for an Up With People road cast.

Either that, or he's got his eye on the sparrow.

Wouldn't you love it if your moral sense was so whangdoozled that you could smile pretty even while you were justsowrong and defiling the Constitution and everything esle that right thinking Murkins hold sacred??

Aaaahhh, naivete smells so nice! It's fruity fresh!

Matty Boy said...

Hi, dguzman! Nice to have you on board.

I agree that the Gonzales head shot looks like a fresh faced ingenue. Maybe he's the idealistic waif thrown into the pit at his first job in the big, big city. Gosh! What dramatic possibilities!

dguzman said...

Hi MattyBoy! All Gonzy needs to do now is throw his little beret up in the air and spin. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! You're gonna make it after all... after all the lying, lawbreaking, perjuring, politicizing....