Saturday, August 11, 2007

A welcome respite from alien ambassadors and evil CEOs.

This is nearly my 150th post here at Lotsa 'Splainin', with only one picture of Indira Varma.
I have shown admirable restraint, as well as poor judgment. I know that some of my loyal readers would prefer pictures of Kevin McKidd or Ray Stevenson (and the closer to naked, the better), but few if any would vote for a ban on Indira Varma. This picture is from the Royal Academy centenary celebration website. There are many photos of the actors associated with the Academy, each photo in its own style. Someone thought to capture Ms. Varma in the style of glamour photos from the 1930s and 1940s. We get only a side glimpse of her lovely neck and see only the left half of the prettiest collarbone the baby Jesus ever invented.

Still. Sigh.

While any excuse is good enough for me to hunt for pictures of Ms. Varma on the Internets, I put this one up on the blog because the second and final season of Rome is now available on DVD. The first season ended with the death of Julius Caesar, which isn't too much of a spoiler. Sadly, it also ended with the death of Ms. Varma's character Niobe. For this I have sworn curses against the writers of the program. I have not killed an animal and offered it to the gods to seal the deal on these curses, but I have penciled it in on my To Do list.

I like TV shows that do some historical research while also telling a story. This would include Rome, Foyle's War, The Company, Mad Men and Deadwood. I don't just watch because there are pretty girls in the cast. Are there pretty girls in each of these casts? Hmm... gosh, I guess there are. Funny how that happens.

I will be having a private ceremony grieving the passing of the character Niobe. Though she was not of noble birth, I proclaim her the queen of my heart, and all the traditional rites of purification will be observed. No prostitutes, actors or unclean tradesmen may attend.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

She leaves me breathless.

Matty Boy said...

She's pretty special. I'm thinking about adopting an actor, but I don't think it will be Ms. Varma. I want her all to myself, selfish bastid that I am.