Friday, September 14, 2007

Another potential disaster avoided. (By not being actually potential.)

Earlier this summer, I wrote a post about Amy Winehouse, a singer whose songs are currently making a splash, including a song called Rehab, in which she says she'd rather not go, though clearly others think it might be a good idea. I joked that she might be separated at birth from Devil Girl, the fictional character invented by R. Crumb back in the 1970s. I ended the post with a little joke.

Still, that girl Amy seems nice. I wonder if she's seeing anybody?

My little sister Karla, wise beyond her two-score-and-something-or-other years, wrote in the comments:

Matthew - put down the Devil Girl and back away from her.

Don't make eye contact or any sudden moves. Hum tunelessly, as if you're calm and engaged in something else.

I'll be outside with the car running.

And we left the joke at that. Ha, ha!

Then these two pictures of before and after, though not in the right direction, surfaced on the Internets. In 2004, Ms. Winehouse had a nice womanly figure, but in 2006, she was caught walking around looking Biafran. Rumors circulated that this was not due to a diet and exercise program approved by a doctor.

Then a few weeks back, new pictures surfaced showing the aftermath of a fight with her boyfriend over drugs. While neither of them looks good, from the pictures I'm going to declare that she won the fight.

And so Matty Boy dodges another relationship disaster by not actually having a chance in hell of being in a relationship with Amy Winehouse.

Phew! That was close! (Not really.)

And on to this week's Random 10, which just so happens to be completely free of my three heroes from last week.

Clint Eastwood Gorillaz
We Saw The Sea Fred Astaire
Nelson Mandela The Special A.K.A.
Can Your Monkey Do The Dog? Rufus Thomas
Be Thankful For What You’ve Got Portrait
Sissyneck Beck
Through These Architect’s Eyes David Bowie
Baubles Bangles & Beads Nina Simone
Crawling From The Wreckage Dave Edmunds
I’ll Try Something New Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

Sometimes a Random 10 will have graceful segues or an overall pattern or theme that emerges from the randomness. This is not one of those times. Still, I stand by each song on its own, though any DJ playing these in a row at a party is not doing much of a job of setting a mood.

I'm trying this Foxy Tunes thang the Blogger is pushing, but their selection is weak. No Rufus Thomas or Portrait. Instead, I'll just put a video of Special AKA here at the end.


dguzman said...

Dave Edmunds rocks!

Yeah, I've been puzzled by the sudden love everyone developed over Winehouse. The first time I heard that "rehab" song, I thought my radio had creeped over onto an oldies station playing Motown. I don't get what's so great about her at all. Then to find out she's a complete whack-job-druggie -- thank GOD your sister saved you! You can't be too careful these days, Matty Boy.

Jess Wundrun said...

She got alot of ink in those two years. I'm surprised they don't all look like shrinkydinks.

Say, since you brought it up, I remember posting a comment their because I useta think you were a hairdresser. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

But, by way of apology for assumption I will tell you why I thought that:
1) You totally get Princess Sparkle Pony and are her funniest fan; and B) You are from San Francisco.

You learned me not to make stereotypical assumptions.

Je regrette!

Jess Wundrun said...

I meant 'there'. Damnable fingers and frozen brains!

Padre Mickey said...

Can Your Monkey Do the Dog?
I thinks you wins dis week.

Splotchy said...

I missed your initial post about Winehouse, but boy howdy, are you spot on about the Devil Girl comparison.

Strangely enough, now her face looks eerily similar to Devil Girl , even while her R. Crumb body has sadly melted away.


On another note, I didn't realize you were in SF. I just posted a bit about how all the blogs I read are east of the Mississippi. Damn you and your Californian ways!

Matty Boy said...

That's okay, Jess. I once wrote that I'm not gay, but I am queer, which confused some folks, I think.

Tanks U, Padre. U R 2 kind.

There's some new software that lets you add tunes to the blog, but I haven't quite figured it out yet. My plan is to have one song from the Random 10 be my signature tune each week, with this week's choice being the tune the Padre mentioned in his concession speech. When I get it working, I'll put in a little post so folks can hit a button and listen to some random tune from my Random 10.

FranIAm said...

Matty- I made some bad joke during the Winehouse 1 post and I think you thought I was being serious! And I, like my friend Jess was confused about you.

After all, the rapier sharp wit, the SF address... I see the error of my ways now, but who knew? After all, we "met" at PSP and then you inspired me to get into this dirty game called blogging. I had no choice but to place you on the other team.

It matters not. We love you and we love your splainin'! You 'splain like nobody's bid-ness chile!

And your random 10 is sublime this week, just sublime.

P.S. - thanks for always being polite when I emailed you with my idiotic questions and paranoid concerns. You are one class act. Another reason I thought... oh nevermind! Anyway I love hairdressers!!

Karla said...

This is funny Matteo,

I think everyone is saying that you're too smart, too aware, to artistically minded, and too cool to be a straight.

Gabba gabba hey! This is why we luvs u.

I luv dis brudder.

dguzman said...

This is totally funny--I never thought Matty was gay; perhaps it's my near-infallible gaydar. I just knew he was one of da coolest straightos out there. Rock on, Matty Boy!

Matty Boy said...

I have kind of a reverse gaydar in that I have a remarkable number of Lebanese female friends. (Or at least that's what they tell me!)