Friday, September 21, 2007

As the Canadians pull even, preparing to pass

It's a great week for Flags of many Lands™ here at Lotsa 'Splainin'. Today the new flag on the list is Trinidad & Tobago. See, Tanzania? When you have two places with two cool names and you put them together, keep both cool names and link them with an ampersand! How hard is that?

When George W. Bush took office, a Canadian dollar cost 66 cents U.S., the Euro was just getting its legs under it and could be had for 93 cents per, and the British Pound was at $1.46. As of business today, a Loonie costs a buck, the Euro is at the all-time high of $1.41 and the pound costs $2.01, slightly off the high mark it reached earlier this month. To put it simply, the world markets aren't confused by administration spin. The American dollar is not a good investment, even with the Japanese and Chinese straining mightily to prop it up.

We are told the problem is sub prime lending. Poor people wanting money.


The problem COULDN'T be a huge federal government that has been running up an insupportable debt for 6+ years while trying to keep a half trillion dollar war off the books. No! That's not the problem! Look over here! The problem is poor people acting like the government, not the government itself.

I've been leery about the great American economy for some time now. I used to joke that the boom of the 1990s was largely the NASDAQ for rich people and Beanie Babies for poor folks, not supported by actual new products made in America getting into the hands of willing consumers.

Now, I'm not joking. Some have compared the Bush administration to the Nazis, others have compared them to the Soviets. No one compares us to the Red Chinese. Why would you compare a slave to his master?

I yap about this at greater length on The Smirking Chimp today, if you want to read it. No pretty pictures, though.

And on that cheerful note, a pretty darn good Random 10, if I do say so myself.

Man With A Gun Jerry Harrison
Elenore The Turtles
When I Write The Book Rockpile
Bad Connection Yaz
Ain’t Too Proud To Beg The Four Tops
Don’t Be That Way Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
You’re All I Need To Get By Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
Things Go Wrong Chris Isaak
Love Shack The B-52s
Everybody Plays The Fool The Main Ingredient

Not going with the obscure this week, we got a boatload of talent and some absolutely perfect pop songs. Having Ella & Louis hand it off to Marvin & Tammi is absolute genius. If these songs were playing a supermarket, I would shop like a crazy person. Hey, Trader Joe's! Here's your music mix for this week.

Debating which song I should choose from here on Foxy Tunes, I went with Bad Connection, a great song off of Upstairs at Eric's. While my sexuality has confused some, I will say that though I'm not gay and I never have been, I love Yaz more than any heterosexual male should.

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Splotchy said...

To borrow a line from your Random 10, regarding the US economy:

"Everybody plays the fool SOMETIIIIIIIIIME"

Matty Boy said...

Good one, Splotchy. But when Things Go Wrong, you will soon find out if you Ain't Too Proud To Beg, and may even have to watch out for a Man With a Gun.

I could keep going, but I think I pulled something. Better go rest for a while.

Padre Mickey said...

Yow! Yaz showed up on my top-ten today, too!
It's so friggin' cosmic!

FranIAm said...

Matty Matty Matty... another great post and I must get over to Smirking Chimp.

Random 10- sublime, truly.

As for Yaz- I luvz me some yaz. Now as a woman I can get away with this without any question.

Yes, you may love Yaz and perhaps some other things more than a heterosexual male should. That however seems to be part of your inherent charm.

commander other said...

the economy sucks because Emperor Chimpy's right hand is his Love Shack.