Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lolz: The Good, The Bad, The Cute Overload

What makes a lolz cat successful? Is there a formula for quality funny pictures with simple captions featuring cats, dogs, other furry animals, even babies? I would submit there isn't a formula, but there are guidelines.

Here is a top notch example. The picture is not staged, but captures actual normal (if odd looking) animal behavior. The caption finds the funny in the first obvious place, which is anthrocentrism. Why would a human be in such a situation? Put words of explanation in the mouth of the kitteh, add in a sprinkling of spelling and/or grammar errors and, bingo! Comedy gold.

Next we have the bad, the wrong. The owner of the kitteh loves the kitteh. The love is so great that the owner does not understand the kitteh had boundaries. If you have any pictures like this in any of your personal photo albums, it's time to do a fearless moral inventory. One such picture can just be a moment of weakness. Two is a troubling pattern. Three or more... I think you know where this is heading without me stating it directly.

Then we have the cute overload. (This particular case is from I Can Has Cheezburger?, not from the website actually titled Cute Overload.) The cute picture is combined with the cute caption and the cuteness multiplies until we are left with an I.E.D. of Cute. The cuteness explodes on computer screens around the world, and the victims of the cuteness number in hundreds, if not thousands.

This week, Princess Sparkle Pony took some sickeningly sweet comics like The Family Circus and Love Is... and put in snarky captions at her usual high quality level. Seeing those old, cloying cartoons made me think that the cute overload lolz are the smarmy cartoons of the 21st Century, the obnoxious adorability that we must mock and stand shoulder to shoulder against, as the guardians of irony here on the Internets.

But personally, when I see a really good Cute Overload Lol, I just can't bring myself to hate it. I mean, look at the li'l kitteh! Iz so cuuuuuuuute!

I may need an intervention at some point in the future.


dguzman said...

Thanks to links on blogrolls like yours, I am now incurably hooked on lolz cats. I have printouts of some of my favorites posted on my bulletin board at work, I email them to friends, I laugh and laugh even though I've seen them before.... I'm in deep, Matty. And you're not helping.


jolie said...

enabler indeed! lolz distribution is my new mission in life.

my coworkers now find lolz where I coyly yet strategically place them .... by the printer, over the coffeepot, in overflowing inboxes ....

it doesn't stop there! phase II lolz longevity will be ensured by smartly embedding with daughter at college .....

FranIAm said...

Thank goodness it is not just me!!

Jess Wundrun said...

we can haz support grup for lolz peepul cawsed by Matty Boy?

Matty Boy said...

Oh, yeah. I'm the bad guy! All y'all were living clean and lolz free until I had to put a few on my website, and now you are no longer in control of your lives online.

I laugh a villain's laugh at your discormfort.

Mwaa-ha! Mwa-ha-ha-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!