Sunday, September 16, 2007

OMG! Brazil!

The Brazilian women, the Samba Queens, played a game today to which you can only say OMG!!! The Brazilian women are the Brazilian men, only they're women! OMG!!!

Brazil beat China IN CHINA 4 to freakin' NOTHING!!! The Chinese women were the best team in the world a few years back. That day is done, my friends. Now it's watch out for Brazil, just like it is in the men's game.

Let me 'splain this to some of my sports challenged readers, using an analogy best understood by the nerdy. (As you know, no judgments here at Lotsa 'Splainin', at least not of my loyal readers.) Here's a picture of Orlando Bloom as Legolas.

Q: What can Legolas do with a bow and arrow?

A: Anything you can think of and five things you can't think of.

That's what Brazilians are like with a soccer ball at their feet. It used to be that's what the guys were like, but the gals... not so much.

Now... so much. Much so much. All four goals were freaking poems to a samba beat. Here's a link to see the highlights. This is why the world loves soccer. It's like watching the best acrobats in the world, except somebody is trying (and failing) to trip the acrobats every few feet.

Yay Brazil!

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dguzman said...

Is Sisi (sp?) still playing? I remember her from the big World Cup matches when USA won that first time. (swooning on Mia Hamm now)

Ah, Legolas--my only man-crush. He's so dreamy. In a beautiful-woman kinda way....

Matty Boy said...

No, I didn't see Sissi in the line-up. The new superstar is Marta, who scored two goals and set up the other two against China.

Sissi used to play for the San Jose team in the departed WUSA league, as did Pretinha and Katia, who was a goal scoring machine. Sissi isn't on this squad, but the other two are.

It's fun to watch them. They play goooooood.