Thursday, September 20, 2007

So if you want a thing...

You're gonna come talk to me.*

Checking the rounds on other blogs yesterday, I saw that I, Splotchy, founder the Adopt an Actor meme, was playing a game I like to call Google Loves Me Best! The idea is to come up with short phrases you can type into the Google search engine such that the tip top choice is your own humble little blog. Here are ten such phrases, all four words or less, where Google will tell you to get on over to Lotsa 'Splainin' 2 Do to find out more.

1. Making things rigid
2. gigantic child brides
3. lolz Lauras
4. till somebody gotsta pee
5. Rafael Boguslav
6. Michael Vick doomed
7. cutest t'ing evah
8. cynicism to supermodels
9. Holy Shucking Fit
10. singing senators boy band

Try it yourself on your blog! It's fun!

A big hello to Monaco, latest addition to the Flags Of Many Lands™. You might ask, Matty Boy! How can we be sure this is the flag of Monaco and not the flag of Indonesia?

Check the thread count. Le drapeau Monegasque is so much more luxuuuuuuuurious than the Indonesian.

* The guy in the picture is Proposition Joe from The Wire, the best show on television this century. My sister Karla is now saying "Duuuuhhhh!", but not everyone reading this blog is from the U.S. of A., and not everybody can afford HBO, which includes me, right now. (Don't tell me about Season 4! I haven't seen it yet!)

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Splotchy said...

I may have done that Google thing on my blog, but you have given it a truly memeworthy name!

Man, I would kill for "till somebody gotsta pee" or "gigantic child brides"!

Kudos to you!

Karla said...

Oh, I'm not saying duuuuh when you give the proper superlative to superlative show The Wire!

I'm saying Indeed!

Emmy goes nutsy kookoo over the Sopranos, and nothing for The Wire? WTF?

FranIAm said...

Gigantic child brides. You've gotta love a blog that evokes that.

Gotta run - google beckons.