Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We have a winner! And a new poll question.

With 20 votes cast, the favorite Christopher Guest mockumentary for the readers of Lotsa 'Splainin' is the original and the only one Christopher Guest did not direct. This is Spinal Tap ended up with 45% of the votes, and it would have been 50% except that I changed my vote to last year's For Your Consideration because it looked so lonely.

While of course this was just asking opinions, so technically no one is "incorrect", I don't have a problem with anyone voting for any of the movies. Spinal Tap has a lot of great and memorable lines, funny scenes like the listing of ways the drummers have died, the show with Stonehenge and Marty DiBergi listing the terrible reviews of some of their albums while the band has to give their honest reactions. The most famous line is probably "These go to eleven.", but I have at least a dozen fond memories of this movie.

That said, I think all the movies are terrific comedies and the vote cast for For Your Consideration was not just a mercy vote. For gags per minute, I think it's the best of the five, though Tap, Guffman and A Mighty Wind have the advantage of music, and Best In Show has the gorgeous dogs.

Okay, that was so much fun, let's do another one. Last week, I defined the categories of the good, the bad and the cute overload of lolz cats. By my definition, Copy Cat shown here is either a good lolz or a cute overload lolz. It is a situation a kitteh could get into naturally, so it doesn't qualify as a bad lolz, though it might not be to everyone's taste. Cast your vote for how you think it should be categorized. Tabulation will end on Sunday.

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dguzman said...

I'm thinking cute overload lolz; I mean, just look at that little almost-upside-down head.... sweet little kitteh.

LOVED Tap, but I still gotta go for Best in Show. The lesbian story angle was hilarious, and Fred Willard's play-by-play was priceless.

Karla said...

Wait, how could a kittah lift the lid to a copy machine?

I say it leans into the area of bad lolcatz, like many of the ones we've seen where the cats have obviously been thrown into the air and then photographed as they fell.

I'm giving this one an "iffy" designation, though I do luvs that kittah.

Matty Boy said...

The lid is built that way. The kitteh is lodged between the document feeder and the cover of the copying region. No kitteh lifting is necessary, only kitteh lodging, which is a natural behavior.

Distributorcap said...

i vote good lolz
and i also love best in show

Karla said...

Okay, then I vote for good lolcatz.

Didja see the one about Trogdor, who comes in the niiiiiiiight? Consummate Vs!

Matty Boy said...

I did see Trogdor. I was going to take the bird lolz about when the little bird knew that he wasn't the favorite, but my blog buddy dguzman used it first, so I refrained out of fear I would look like a.... (wait for it)... COPY CAT!!!!

Oh, Comedy Gold! So satisfying when it is struck.

dguzman said...

There's gold in this thar blog, buddy!