Friday, October 19, 2007

Does no one listen?

I kiddingly complained in the previous post that readership is down a little this week. Yes, kidding. I kid because I love. The number of readers goes up or down from week to week, but the general trend has been upward. I love my readers, whether they head straight for the front page or look in on gigantic child brides or search in vain for naked pictures of Indira Varma or any other actress or model I have ever featured in a post.

Welcome to you, readers! Come one, come all, both here in the U.S. of A. and also the regular readers from other countries.

But apparently, none of these regular readers has the last name Steinbrenner. The Yankees made a low ball offer to Joe Torre and he refused it. The money, of course, is an insane amount for any regular person to consider, but for Torre, it's a pay cut from last year and possibly more insulting, it's just a one-year contract. This is not the first public step in a negotiation. Most insiders believe Torre will not be back, to the consternation of many Yankee fans.

While the Yankee organization has set a nearly impossible level of achievement to be success and anything less, like twelve straight years of going to the playoffs, as failure, this is not their most pinheaded act in all this nonsense. The big mistake is that the #1 candidate for manager is perpetual bad luck omen Don Mattingly!

Hey, Steinbrenner! You hate the stink of losing the big one? You hate the smell of not being the champs? Follow your nose, you senile old goon! That smell comes from the albatross around your neck. That albatross signs the name on the back of his paychecks...


George isn't listening. Kind of like another well known George in an important Decider-ator position right now.

And with that, we go to the Random 10, where at least I know someone is listening.

Mammal They Might Be Giants
I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Right Myself a Letter Fats Waller
Blue Jean David Bowie
Twilight Time The Platters
My Brave Face Paul McCartney
Back Stabbers The O’Jays
I’ve Tried Everything Eurythmics
The Other Woman Nina Simone
Life Is A Carnival The Band
Lucky Number Lene Lovich

Now batting leadoff... They Might Be Giants! A favorite band of mine that doesn't get as much play on the Random 10 as they deserve. Of my Big Three, Costello, Waits and Waller, only Fats Waller makes a direct appearance, but The One True Living Elvis is the co-writer of the song that The Cute Beatle adds to this week's list. And the most obscure artist is not all that obscure, new wave songstress Lene Lovich, one of many great artists first signed by Stiff Records, a great record company in its day.

The FoxyTunes song is not on the Random 10, but is put there as tribute to Joe Torre, who deserves to be treated better. Then again, anyone who shakes hands with George Steinbrenner knows what kind of boss they have chosen to deal with.


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Matty Boy said...

For the record, I hate the New York Yankees and have done so since 1962 when they beat my San Francisco Giants in the World Series. But I now have a close personal friend who is a Yankee fan, and the advice I give is not reverse psychology. Mattingly is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

dguzman said...

Matty, you're psychic. And I heard on NPR this morning that Mattingly is being considered the top candidate to replace J-Tor. What a way to ensure more losing seasons! I'm a yankees hatah from way back, so I'm giggling with glee. Serves Steinbrenner right. Arrogant prick.

Poor Torre deserved much better than that joke of a deal they offered him. I wonder if he'll just get out of ball for a while, or maybe another team will tempt him. (Hear me, Oh Texas Rangers, hear my plea!)

FranIAm said...

I was born in the shadow of the House that Ruth Built and I am so over the Yankees. Whatever.

George is a horse's ass of amazing proportions. Joe did the right thing - George was trying to shit on him.

Mattingly - do not, I said do not get me started!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr....

On to happier topics. When I returned to the NYC area from Rochester NY, in 1986 a catchy little duo used to play the clubs and I became a huge follower of said duo.

Do you know of whom I speak? Yes John and John! Many a night I sat in smoky little obscure clubs singing along with Stick (complete with prop!) or "Birdhouse in My Soul"(still a FranFave) and so many more. I love those guys.

At the time my neighbor Judy, who is about 20 years older than me, would endlessly complain about her assistant John who was always late or absent because he was in a band. It did not become clear until many years later it was John F. of TMBG.

Tiny, cute world, isn't it?

Birdhouse in my soul has a very dguzman feel to it, doesn't it?

Matty Boy said...

I always felt a sense of kindred souls with They Might Be Giants and The Wonders Of Science. I wasn't quite as talented at writing the quirky as they, but I liked them as soon as I heard them, and TWOS started as a two man band as well.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this contract clap sound like a Seinfeld script? Are you watching TV? The Torre press conference? How funny is that?

dguzman said...

Wow, I'll have to listen to "Birdhouse in my Soul."