Thursday, October 11, 2007

Good on ya, Alyssa!

This is a picture of Alyssa Milano, former child star and working actress to this day. For most child stars, just saying "no rap sheet" is enough to be ahead of the game, but Ms. Milano is actually making commendable use of her celebrity.

And, as you might have noticed, she's got the sexysexy working pretty well. She's not gigantic, but one cannot have everything. I still recognize cute as a button, even in women who do not tower over me.

The first cause that Ms. Milano lent her name to and blogged in favor of is net neutrality. In simple terms, net neutrality means we want to keep the internet one single entity, not a Deluxe Internet for those who pay big money and a crap internet for everybody else. While this is largely a battle against corporate interests, so seemingly a left wing cause, there is also a strong libertarian push in favor of net neutrality as well. Many right wing interest groups have come out in favor of net neutrality, not just the usual lefty suspects.

Ms. Milano's most recent cause is Neglected Tropical Diseases, shortened to NTDs. Many diseases that are killing thousands all across the tropics are getting almost no money for research, and without governments giving some sort of incentive to the drug companies, the work will remain undone.

These are both good causes, and it's nice to see a pretty young thing from Hollywood doing the right thing instead of building up a long list of arrests and failed visits to rehab.

Yay, Alyssa!

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