Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Internet Eye Wash Station

I feel bad about leading off this morning with pictures of Debra Cagan. I get the feeling that even the photographer Diane Arbus would look at Ms. Cagan and think, "Oh, c'mon! Nobody wants to look at that!" Also, Dr. Monkerstein did a post about her, and I thought that probably was enough, but still I went forward.

In way of an apology to my loyal readers, I give you a few non-feline lolz to brighten your day.

The li'l bun-bun is cute beyond the definition of cute, don't you agree? Don't your eyes feel better when looking at li'l bun-bun?

And then we have the War Hamster. Or is it a battle mouse? Whichever, it's fluffy, silly battle where nobody really gets hurt, like kids playing soldiers.

Having an administration so full of people who never experienced war, I sometimes wonder if they really know the difference between their ideas of war and the real thing.


Matty Boy said...

Is "Battlesuit Engage" a bad lolz? It's not natural behavior exactly, but a rodent is happy to crawl into a comfy space, and unlike cats and dogs, I don't think of them as having a dignity that is easily damaged.

Just my opinion.

dguzman said...

Thank you; my god, thank you.

I wondered about whether Battlesuit Engage was a bad lolz, but then I decided I liked it. So it's just right lolz in my book.