Thursday, October 4, 2007

Like a sailor on a spree!

Now that both the jobs I work think it's okay to pay me this month, I'm like crazy go nuts! Matty Made Of Money! Oh, my frugal father will shudder when he reads this post.

I spent eight bucks on a single bottle of wine! At Trader Joe's!

Was it worth it, you might ask? Does such a profligate feel the remorse?

Yeah, it was worth it. Remorse? Not so much.

Francis Coppola puts his name on a nice bottle of wine. If you like Shiraz, Matty Boy says check it out. Somewhere during the second glass, you'll forget that every glass costs as much as a bottle of Two Buck Chuck.

Thinking of what song I wanted to accompany this post, of course I thought of UB40. I had a boatload of albums of UB40 back in the day, but I had them on vinyl or cassette. I have no UB40 CDs, so I had to go the the iTunes store. I bought nine UB40 tunes, even now when prices have gone from 99 cents a tune to $1.29. More spendthrift craziness, you might say! More road to ruin for poor Matty Boy!

Sue me. I loves me some UB40, especially before they decided to be a reggae version cover band and wrote some great political songs on their first few albums, like King and As Always You Were Wrong Again.

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Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I've had that wine and I agree it is good. I also bought UB40's greatest hits on CD a month or so ago. The update on me is now complete, good bye.

commander other said...

hrm....i dunno. $8 on wine is pretty extravagant. when i lived in socal (the last place i lived with a TJ's), i always thought 2-buck Chuck was the tops.

njoy, nevertheless.

relatedly, my father-in-law makes wine with enough sulfates in it to give me a headache for two days, but that's only like if i do a whole bottle in a day.

not that i would ever, ever do such a thing.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks for the info, Dr. M. I have of course filed it into your dossier.

(Looked at the Best Of album. The 2 volume is better than the one, but there's still a lot of favorites of mine that aren't on either.)

Before I learned about TJ's and Two Buck Chuck, the choices for wine under $5 were very sad indeed.

My sister Jen, who has made a greater study of wine than I have, likes Abrazo Del Toro, which will set you back $3 at TJs, and I also buy some of the Australian wines as well, usually at a max of $6. I'm also a sucker for a Chianti in a bottle encased in the wicker, or whatever that stuff is.