Monday, October 1, 2007

My first six month review

Yay, Cyprus! My flags of many lands™ total is now at 72!

So it's now been six months since I started blogging. Who shows up to read this silliness.?Mostly Americans, but there's plenty of folks from other places as well, which is why my Flags of many lands™ count has hit 72 in about 180 days. I have many regular readers in other lands, most notably my former bandmate Padre Mickey, who is now a priest in Panama, and of course the editor-in-chief over at Padre Mickey's Dance Party.

How is traffic in general on the blog? As you can see, the general pattern is an upward trend, though May still dwarfs even the recent growth pattern.

What happened in May? I published my first picture of Elizabeth Kucinich, the towering elven queen who gave up immortality to marry the hobbit she loves, the favorite presidential candidate of progressives, the tiny yet perfectly formed Dennis Kucinich. (I also did a little self-promotion on the Buzz Feed website, which is still paying off.)

I took this as a good omen, and began running occasional pictures of gigantic child brides. I am now the #1 purveyor on the net of gigantic child brides, though my regular readers will agree that it is not the main focus of my blog. (Hence the immortal sub-headline "Gigantic child brides... and so much more!")

This picture is of Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of Billy and Christie Brinkley, Joel's statuesque and youthful new bride Katie and the Piano Man himself. In his defense, I'd like to point out that his new bride is a full five years older than his daughter, so there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that he met Katie while visiting Alexa at college.

(Katie could give Alexa Ray a few tips on accessories, such as "Never carry a bag that makes you lean more than 5 degrees off of plumb.")

Yay, six month review! Things are looking up!


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

"...towering elven queen." You know how to crack a monkey up, don't you.

Matty Boy said...

Well, it's a good joke, but it's a repeat of an earlier joke.

I've often wondered if you weren't some other species doppleganger of me, so it's nice for my psyche to see we disagree sometimes. My choice for best gag in the post is "5 degrees off of plumb", but maybe that's because I teach geometry.

dguzman said...

I loved the "towering elven queen who gave up her immortality" thing too!

Wow, too bad Alexa Ray didn't take more after Mom than Dad, because she ain't all that good-lookin' for having a beautiful mommy.

Matty Boy said...

I didn't want to be the one to say it, dg, but I would characterize your statement as "cruel but fair".

If she got dad's looks and mom's brains, she is in a serious world o' hurt.

Anonymous said...

To dguzman- You are either blind or an imbecile. Alexa Ray is beautiful. If your face is as ugly as your cruel soul, then you must be truly hideous.

Matty Boy said...

To anonymous - if I was searching the 'net looking for stuff about Billy Joel, I'd probably sign in as anonymous, too.