Sunday, October 21, 2007

My representatives in Congress

When I moved back to the Bay Area from Davis, CA, I lived in the district represented by Barbara Lee. She is the only member of Congress who voted against the blank check to wage war that the Congress spinelessly agreed to back in 2001. Good on ya, Barbara!

I moved to another apartment a few years back, just one stop away on the BART line, where my representative is Pete Stark. I am also glad to have Pete Stark as my rep. (A few years ago, I worked in an office building in Fremont and Stark's office was on my floor, so I sometimes said hey to him on the way to the elevator or the restroom.) The Republicans have their panties in a bunch because he said on the floor that Bush enjoys blowing things up. Here is the clip from C-SPAN.

The people of San Francisco, who are just as progressive as the people of the East Bay, are stuck with this moral midget as their representative, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. She's the reason the impeachment of Dick Cheney isn't moving forward. She's the one who has caved to the Republicans on the General Petraeus ad and now is saying Stark went too far.

No, Ms. Pelosi. It is you who does not go far enough. The people who brought in this new House and Senate were hoping for fighters, not pantywaists and pansies. You want to know why the House is held in lower regard than the President? Look in the mirror, you stupid cow! Conservatives will hate you because you are a "liberal", and liberals will hate you because you are NOT a liberal.

The authors of the Constitution assumed the system would work because each branch of government would fight like tigers to keep the powers vested in them by the Constitution. The Republican controlled legislative branch handed way too much power over to this president, but you are no better.

Fight! Hold things up! No attorney general until all papers the Congress wants are delivered. The president vetoes S-CHIP. Send it to him again and again until either he caves or the weasels who won't override his veto cave.

Dguzman, who is the author of Beginning To Bird, has another blog entitled Impeachment and Other Dreams. I add this blog as another of my blog buddies today. Go get 'em, DG.


Karla said...

You go, Pete Stark!

We need to bring back the show Celebrity Blowups. Bush could host that instead of ruining the country. '

Cause Stark is right, Bush blows things up Real Good.

Matty Boy said...

Even on this S-CHIP fight, I can't agree with what the Dems have done. Put up an increased bill that can withstand a veto, or tell Bush he can only have as much money for Iraq as he said he needed in June instead of the big boost he said he needed in September.

Pretend we're adults! Pretend we are paying attention. That's what politicians do in other industrialized nations, and you'd be amazed at the results!

FranIAm said...

We are such a bunch of pussies. I hate it.

This irks me to no end. Thanks for a great bout of truth telling here.

And lookit mah gurl delia with her other blog... on my roll now too and at the top no less, I added an "A".

sfmike said...

Pelosi is an old style mafiosa. Her father was the mayor of Baltimore when the OSS made deals with the Italian-American Mafia during World War II at the ports.

If you're looking at her as anything but a villainess, you haven't been paying attention. Her entire family is as corrupt as that evil cow Feinstein. Both have husbands who are war profiteers. Both belong in a prison cell in Den Haag with Bush and Cheney.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks for the history lesson, Mike. It may be breaking the rules of the internet to compare the Republicans to Nazis, but no one has said I can't compare the leading Democrats to Quislings.

CDP said...

So right on Speaker Pelosi, Matty. I want to admire her, but I can't, I'm so angry and disappointed and disgusted at her lack of leadership and courage.

dguzman said...

I'm with cdp, about Pelosi and Harry Reid. Such fucking wimps--but then, it just plays into my theory that there's really one one party, the party of $$$$. And we're all just pretty much screwed by 'em.

dguzman said...

Oh and my gosh, I forgot to thank you for the link--thanks, man!

FranIAm said...

Did you see this?

How effed up is that?

Matty Boy said...

Yeah, Fran, I heard it.

Without giving offense to my beloved readers, I call the Dem jellyfish because it's not politically correct to call them pussies or faggots anymore.

Heck, Republican faggots like Larry Craig don't let anybody fuck with them.

And Republican pussies like Coulter and Malkin never back down from a fight.