Monday, October 8, 2007

Oh, Folly of Youth! Oh, Age Without Wisdom! Shame, Shame! (Psych.)

The Daily Mail
posted this picture today, and I saw it cross posted on The Huffington Post. Apparently, Hugh Grant was at a celebrity golf tournament at St. Andrews, chatted up a bird afterwards, who turned out to be a coed at University of St. Andrews. She took him back to her dorm, a dorm which apparently has a strictly enforced CUTE GIRLS ONLY policy, whereupon the girls decided to play that very popular game, Dog Pile On The Tipsy Movie Star.

And The Daily Mail story wants us to think that this is a BAD thing.

If I may speak for all the unattached heterosexual male readers of this blog when I say... Hugh Grant, you Lucky Bastid!

Actually, given that Grant is rich, famous, good looking and charming, I guess luck has very little to do with it. Hell, Donald Trump is only two out of four on the Hugh Grant chart, and he's had some superfine honeys!

I myself am probably about 1.5 out of four, and sadly, the points I score are in the categories where Donald Trump gets shut out, those being good looks and charm, which means no coed dogpiles for Matty Boy.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, lucky ain't fair!!!

FranIAm said...

Hugh is not looking well. Too much drink.

But he was a cutie back in the day.

Matty, not knowing you and only having your band photo to refer to, here is what I will say. Don't think I am going all stalker on you, I simply speak the truth.

Whatever it is you may look like, I say you should have a pile o' babes on you. Youse (that is real NY-ese for you. As opposed to the plural, youses guys.)is one smart and funny man.

If not for the 3000 miles between us, Mr. He Is and other mitigating factors, I'd get the party started my man.

In fact, I am heading over to DCup to nominate you most belatedly for a blog hottie award.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks for the kind words, Fran.

As for Hugh not looking so good, I think it may be temporary sun/wind damage from being out in the elements playing golf for four days and much as it is from the drink. Also, it doesn't help that in this picture his face is surrounded by a half acre of girls who look like peaches and cream.

FranIAm said...

I am now wondering if I set up a photo of myself with some hugh (as he is in that photo) look alikes, if it will give me a better look.

at 49, i am going for it!

dguzman said...

Great idea, Fran! I also think Matty's a blog hottie, and that means so much more coming from a dyke.