Sunday, October 28, 2007

Puzzler (and Meta-Puzzler) in time for Halloween

Hey, kids! It's a Super Scrambler puzzle you can have finished by Halloween! This picture was created by putting a grid on top of the two photos of Debra Cagan I put together when she was in the news a few weeks back, then took rectangular grid sections and rotated them or flipped them horizontally or vertically. You can load this into a paint program and get it back to its original form. Ooh, scary!

The Meta-Puzzler is... why would you want to?

I like writing my blog and reading the comments from my readers, but I also enjoy going backstage with the Site Meter software to see who is reading and how they got there. A disturbing number of surfers got here searching for "Debra Cagan". (Honestly, any number more than one is disturbing in this case.) Some of these searchers after truth even started the searches from computers linked up to the Pentagon address. Ms. Cagan currently draws her paycheck from the Pentagon. Maybe she wanted to see what people were saying about her after her "I hate all the Iranians" quote made it into print.

Here's something I never thought I would write to my beloved readers.

Hey! Pentagon web surfers! GET BACK TO WORK!

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dguzman said...

Why would ANYONE want to descramble this nightmare? I'll just put it in the junk drawer with the broken Rubik's cube and those two nails twisted together.

Matty Boy said...

Why are people looking for Debra Cagan stuff?

It's a deep, deep mystery to me, dg.

Pentagon Address said...

Yeah, very mysterious.