Monday, October 1, 2007

Read the sign, just in case you fall asleep.

Wanna thank all y'all for coming out today. Some folks went to a lot of trouble to make the sign in back of me here, and it would have been a shame if nobody saw it.

First. I'd like to talk about energy security. There's two parts to this: energy and security. By this I mean, if you have energy... you should have security. If you have energy, you can sell it to people for money, and money means security. When I came into office, if you had a barrel of oil, you couldn't get people to pay you $30 for it. Now, people will pay $80 for it! Heck, my administration ain't even done yet! We're aiming for $90 a barrel, and some cockeyed optimists are hoping for $100 by the time I leave office. Then, if you have energy, we can promise security.

I wonder, when I leave office and I'm out of a job [laughter and a smattering of applause]... I wonder if there's a place on the board of directors of some oil company for a bright young go-getter like me.

Heh heh.

Then we have climate change. That sounds like two things, but it's just one. Maybe we should make it one word: climatechange. Anyway, we have that, too. We got 'em both! Energy Security and Climatechange!

So that's mission accomplishified. Twice.

Heh heh.

[Picture from White House website. Remarks made up. Numbers verified.]

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dguzman said...

This is assuming he actually LEAVES when his term's up. That's not a guarantee by any means.