Sunday, October 14, 2007

Superman Is A Dick.

Searching the web this week, I stumbled onto a site called dedicated to the idea that Superman is a dick. Back in the day, DC Comics relied heavily on Superman for many of its titles, having two Superman magazines a month, Superman and Action Comics, as well as giving magazines to Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen and the Superman-Batman team up mag, World's Finest. There were also the Superboy titles and other teams like the Justice League and the Legion of Super Heroes. Superman was a very busy guy, and like many folks on the go, not always considerate of the feelings of those around him.

Let me restate that. Superman is often a cold, unfeeling scumbag, and unless one carries around a little spare Kryptonite for just such occasions, there's not a thing that can be done about it.

The website takes artwork from old comics, mostly covers and mostly DC, and puts a single snarky sentence as a caption. As a writer of snark, I take my hat off to the author. He may have discovered a new super-power, super snarkiness. Wandering through the site, I cackled like a madman at some of the covers and the captions.

Besides showing multiple examples of the dickishness of Superman, there are other galleries that feature the salacious and often homo-erotic content in "innocent" comics, the tendency of Wonder Woman to get tied up and put in peril every month, how comics helped in the propaganda campaigns during WW II, some ridiculous super-powers of both minor and major characters and the over-use of gorillas as enemies and alternate universe dopplegangers (like Matty Boy and Dr. Monkerstein?).

Instead of borrowing liberally from this site as I do with I Can Has Cheesburger?, I recommend you stop on by and check it out for yourself. You don't have to be middle-aged with the sense of humor of a stunted adolescent to enjoy Superdickery, but it certainly helps.

Yay, Croatia! I now have half of the flags of the former Yugoslavia. The Croatian flag shows their pride as a people. Almost anyone can make a flag using stripes of red, white and blue in some permutation, either vertical or horizontal, but it takes some real flair to then stick a tablecloth in the middle of it.


Karla said...

Wahahahahhaha - I spit milk outta my nose.

And looking at all those Wonder Woman bondage covers, I remember what a dick SHE was. Man hating, but also addle-pated for Steve, weirdly powerful, yet always obsessed with her looks ... she was such a mess!

I'm glad Joss Whedon isn't doing the WW film. He had trouble writing a script the studio could agree with. But after looking back at WW, I'm all, Joss, what were you thinking? You can't make anything but crap with that story.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I've loved Superdickery as soon as I found it.

Matty Boy said...

To Karla: Joss Whedon started his career working with Roseanne Barr, so I'm pretty sure he thinks he can spin gold out of anything.

To Dr. Monkey: Of course you loved it! There's an entire section devoted to gorilla comics. And the other stuff is pretty good, too.

I found it this week looking up Seduction of the Innocent and recognized some of the covers you have posted on your site. I thought it deserved a post entirely devoted to plugging the hell out of it.

dguzman said...

Wow, who knew Superman could be such a--well, such a dick.

I never got into the superhero comics, preferring to stick with Archie and the gang as well as Cracked and MADD's cartoons. However, I did love the Wonder Woman tv show (along with Bionic Woman), as I was completely in love with WW and Jamie Sommers, baby-dyke that I was.

Oh my gosh, just THINKING about Bionic Woman made me remember the horrific Fembots episode (a two-parter), where Jamie is forced to jump out of a tall building and her legs explode in a shower of sparks. Oy vey, that first episode gave me nightmares the whole week as I waited to see how Jamie would get out of trouble. "She just HAS to be okay!" (sniffle), I kept saying to my kid sister.

Gees. How embarrassing.

Matty Boy said...

dg... do you need a moment?

Kin ah gitchew a tish-shew?

Of course, with Archie, Veronica was a beeyotch, Reggie was a dick and Moose had anger management issues.

Then there's Betty... man, how a hot blonde can have such amazingly low self-esteem, I'll never know. If she were around today, some high school guidance counselor would tell her "Girl?! Do you wanna be a stripper? 'Cause that's where you are headed, hon. Straight for the pole!"

Sad, really.